Rodent Exterminator in Cannons Mill, Ohio

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Over the years, rodents such as mice, rats, chipmunks, and voles (field mice) continue to be a common problem faced by many households. Equipped with a professional rodent experience in Cannons Mill, Ohio, Structural Pest provides fast and effective pest control solutions. By valuing each client by providing high-quality service, Structural Pest has built an excellent reputation in the pest control industry. 

Rodent Control and Treatment in Cannons Mill, Ohio

Structural Pest is here to help you better understand rodents and the importance of ridding your house of them. Structural Pest’s professional rodent exterminator take the proper steps to ensure a rodent re-infestation doesn’t happen.

About Rodents

Rodents, such as rats and mice, can enter homes through the tiniest of holes. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime and rats need only a quarter sized hole. Once inside, these pests have everything they need to start breeding inside your home. They have now made YOUR home, THEIR home.

Rats will use nearly any means possible to gain access to food, water and shelter. They are good climbers with excellent balance and can use wires, pipes, and even gutters to find entry points into homes. Rats are also very good swimmers making them right at home along waterways and in sewers. There have even been reports of rats entering homes through toilets. When rats and mice frequent an area, they often leave behind clues such as droppings, urine, and gnawing damage. Other, more subtle signs can include tracks or runways, rub marks, burrows, and you can even hear their sounds. These clues can be used to identify where rodents are feeding or nesting. Nests are commonly found in sheltered locations, and usually consist of shredded materials such as paper, cardboard and insulation.

Rodents are dangerous pests capable of spreading over 35 of diseases. When foraging, rats and mice contaminate surfaces with their droppings and urine that can spread bacteria, contaminate foods, and cause allergic reactions.

Rodents are also known for their bites. These bites can cause a medical emergency especially with Rat Bite Fever (RBF), and secondary infections due to their ability to be carriers of diseases and bacteria; 50,000 people are bitten by rodents each year. These bites are most common among infants and the elderly.

Overwintering rodents can also cause extensive damage to your home. Gnawing damage to electrical wires can pose a dangerous fire hazard, while chewed water lines can cause leaks or even flooding. Rats and mice also cause considerable damage to insulation by tearing it apart for nesting materials or due to contamination from feces.

Check your home for signs of rodent droppings, gnaw marks, scurrying noises behind walls, and an accumulation of shredded paper hidden in dark corners, indicating a nesting site. Addressing these conditions at the first signs of rodent activity is important to the success of any rodent management program. Preventing rats and mice from entering your home is also critical to avoiding an infestation. However, rodent-proofing your home is no easy task. If you do find rodent signs, the best approach is to call us to make sure rodents are quickly removed to ensure the safety and health of your family.

Why Choose Structural Pest

Structural Pest Management is a local and family owned company. We have been established for over 40 years and have 45 years experience servicing tens of thousands of satisfied customers. We offer pest control services for both residential and commercial customers.

At Structural Pest we implement and utilize all current and the most effective products and techniques.

To control any infestation of rodents, Structural Pest will do a thorough inspection. A rodent trapping system is sometimes necessary to determine the level of an infestation. A key factor in prevention is sanitation. Cleaning up all spilled foods and removing dirty dishes overnight. Store food items such as cereal, crackers, cookies, flour, sugar, and bread in airtight sealed containers. Empty garbage every night into a sturdy container with a tightly lid.

Structural Pest has professionally trained technician that utilizes all current techniques and procedures to eliminate this pest and give you peace of mind.